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FB001: An Intro to Facebook Ads for Caribbean Brands

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You’ve probably heard the spiel of many a “Social Media Marketer” about the power of Facebook and Instagram to generate sales and massive awareness for your business. 

And… to some extent…

They’re right! 

Facebook is currently the world’s largest social network. 

And with over 2 Billion daily active users and an average of 35 minutes spent on the platform daily, it’s no surprise that tech savvy users like ourselves consume over 100 million hours of video content daily on the platform. 

In truth and in fact, there has been more video content uploaded in 30 days online now than the major U.S. television networks have created in 30 years.



So what can you do to keep up with the times and use this shift to the digital era to propel your business forward?

Well, first, we’ve got to differentiate a FACEBOOK POST from a FACEBOOK AD. 

While some people may use the terms interchangeably, they’re not the same thing. 

A Facebook Post is a status update posted easily and freely to your Facebook Page. It is shared to a small percentage of your existing Page Audience (people that like your page) depending on their past interactions with your page, interests and a bunch of other factors that the Facebook algorithm takes into consideration. 

The only way people that don’t already like your page can see your Facebook posts are through Shares and other interactions by users on your page.

Not the best way to grow your audience or get new people to your content? Obviously…. 


FACEBOOK ADS, on the other hand, 

might be easier to think of in a similar fashion to purchasing newspaper or TV advertising. 

You pay a certain amount of money to have your content shown to an audience that the company controls.

In the newspaper industry, for example, you can purchase a half, quarter or eighth of a page at a flat rate for your brand’s content to be displayed to readers. 

The issue is printed and distributed, with your brand’s message packed neatly inside and while you can’t tell exactly who will see it, in what circumstances and if your message will actually leave an impression, but fear not, newspapers are tried and true marketing tools! 

In television, again, you can purchase a flat rate package calculated based on the overall expected brand reach, demand for slot, and many other factors. 

Your ad is displayed at the set times, and hopefully, if your message is good enough, and every single viewer didn’t go to the bathroom during your screen time, you get some sales! 

Now this is where we draw the line in terms of similarities between Facebook Ads and traditional media advertising.

Using Facebook Advertising, you can select the who, what, where, why, when and even how users on the platform receive your brand messaging. 

For those serious about using social media to go the extra mile for their business, Facebook has created a Business Manager platform that allows you to seamlessly manage your Page and your Facebook Ads. 

Instead of a fixed price like traditional advertising, Facebook Ads allow you to set a specific daily or campaign based budget, from as low as $5USD that allows you to reach a specific number of people, based on your targeting options. 

Maybe you’d like to offer a special 10% discount on Thursdays at your Restaurant to people walking within a 2 mile radius because things are usually slow on that day? Facebook Ads can do that. 

Maybe you want to raise awareness about an upcoming event to fans of Machel Montano in Bora Bora and Grenada? Facebook Ads can do that. 

Maybe you care to share a heartfelt message with pet-owners in Trinidad and Tobago, then send everyone who watched more than 75% of your video to a special offer for pet food from your Page? Facebook Ads can do that. 

With detailed post planning, targeting, retargeting and sales tracking even for fully offline stores, Facebook Ads currently produce some of the best marketing return on investment. 

Brands, large and small, that take the time to commit to creating a sound digital sales funnel and effectively scale Facebook Ads will win.