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3 tips for Caribbean Brands to boost their trust scores online

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What is most important in the mind of a consumer? Why does someone prefer to view a post from a friend instead of a brand they’ve never heard about?

One Word.


Building trust in your brand is the #1 way to build a loyal customer base,

Increase your sales and grow your business.

Yet, how does a Caribbean brand go about gaining the “trust” of their audience, especially if this brand doesn’t have the dollars to really invest in advertising.

Here are 3 great tips to boost your trust rating with your audience through your online channels, easily and affordably:

Tip 1: Pull the curtain and embrace your imperfections

In this day and age, people don’t connect to a brand that appears to be perfect

(especially if that brand can’t afford all the bells and whistles that come with that image)

Your audience wants to see a day in the office on your story,

They want to meet your team members

and hear what they have to say.

(even on a bad hair day)

They want to see the care and attention that you pay to the most important stakeholders in your business, THEM!

Competitive rivalry becomes almost null and void,

When your brand can take its imperfections by the horns,

get feedback on what changes can be made to better serve their client base

and make incremental steps forward until an ideal solution is found.

You make your audience feel involved in the building process,

Then they’ll feel committed to supporting your brand,

Because they put their time and energy forward,

And got back a memorable experience!


Tip 2: Share content to help and educate instead of to “sell”

Every piece of content created should be put through that one final test

At Windies Pins, we call it the value test,

it’s simply asking “Will our audience get value from this?”

(And outlining what value we expect our audience to get)

Home Depot and Lowe’s hosts Do It Yourself classes in a range of topics from painting to tiling across the United States at no cost. Why?

Because if you learn to paint FREE at Lowe’s, where is first in mind for you to get your paintbrush set, paints and all the additional knick knacks that come with your DIY project? Lowe’s of course.

So remember, be an asset and a resource because that’s where people will go to when they have a need for your service.


Tip 3: Find your voice, be yourself

Real recognise real, and people value authenticity.

Your brand isn’t born with a voice and an identity.

And similar to humans,

over time and through various experiences,

brands go through a learning stage where they understand what things suit them and which don’t.

Take the time out to understand the things that match the vision you have for your brand (and the reality of your brand’s market).

If your brand’s voice and identity is uptown chic fashion and you’re selling to a youth audience, look for small nuances that give people a deeper look into what your brand stands for and represents, go beyond the surface and that’s where the treasure really lies.

(Maybe you carve out a niche of millenials with rich parents or some trust fund babies, lol)

Thanks for your time and for more personalised advice on developing your marketing, talk to Windy, our Messenger chatbot to book your marketing strategy session.