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Help and Qualify your Customers 10x Faster with Messenger Marketing

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We all have those long tiring days,

The kids are acting up,

The inventory needs to be counted,

Or a new blog post has got to be written.

You try and try

(and burn yourself out)

to get everything done,

but those messages

that come to your Facebook page,

for people interested in your service are being neglected.

Is there any way to actually respond to potential customers in a timely and consistent fashion?

(FACT:  that the optimal time to reply to potential customers  is IMMEDIATELY )

Is that even possible?

How many people are really responding to new inquiries that quickly?

According to a study conducted by drift,

Less than 10% of surveyed companies

actually achieve a lead response time of five minutes or less,


which is proven to convert

over 75% more customers.

Can you imagine that,

3 in every 4 inquiries converting to paying customers?

I can!

Because it’s the reality of the data,

And it’s a surefire way to turbocharge your business.


Do we have to live with our smart devices

constantly in our hands,

anxiously awaiting the next notification

to get that response immediately

and get membership into the 1% (or 10%)

instant response club ?

That sounds like a recipe for stress and lots of lost sleep.

Aren’t these digital tools like Facebook

supposed to make life easier and LESS stressful?

Now customers have even more expectation

for instant, high quality responses,

and as a small business owner,

you can’t dream of keeping up with brands like

Digicel and Sagicor,

Who boast entire departments

Responsible for customer care.

What do you do to solve this problem?

You use some more of these same “Tools of the Future”.

You Automate!

Messenger marketing on Facebook

has been proven to be an effective way

to take a potential client

through an entire conversation,

qualify leads by taking their responses as data,

showcase and upsell  various elements of your service

and so much more

with the many premium features available.


If you’re still confused

about what Messenger marketing is,


It’s simply setting up

a group of automated programs and sequences,

that allow you to communicate with people

That come to your page,

Or even people that comment on your posts

with the end goal of a conversion.

(either a sale, download, quiz, data collection, etc)


just like e-mail but with WAY better results,  

You have the opportunity to continuously re-market

To people that have agreed to be messaged

Through their direct Facebook inbox.

Whether it be sharing new content you released,

or showcasing your top products,

All this and more can be done,

right in your Messenger inbox.

You can use a “chatbot”

(automated messaging robot)

to communicate with these people

over days, weeks, and even months

after your initial point of contact.

Chatbots are really effective

because of how personal Facebook Messenger is

and many companies report open rates

of up to 96% on their messaging!


Want to see Messenger Marketing in action?

Check out the Windies Pins chatbot here (His name is Windy and by the way, he’s still in training school so please be nice!)