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Gain More online traction for your business by building a Digital friendly Culture

More important than any single advertisement or promotion is embedding pride in your establishment into every single member of your team.

Your team is probably on social media or at least use the internet.

Whether they work in sales, HR or Operations they have an important role to play in getting your business’ message out on the streets.

Word of mouth, i.e. a positive referral or recommendation from a trusted source is the most effective marketing tool bar none.

And even if they aren’t willing to go door to door in their neighbourhood and spread the good word about your products,

A tad bit of extra effort online goes a long way.

An inspiring comment or caption about the business or a team member,

A personal message recommending the business to someone who’s searching for a service that the company provides.

Or confirming that the business is  “Home and Garden” and not “ Lawn Care” when Google requests information while you’re searching.

All these little things show that your team is developing the marketing mindset.


The marketing mindset acknowledges that every single interaction your business has is an opportunity to build more trust between your brand and your audience.

Trust is even harder to build nowadays with a million other brands vying for consumer attention and making audacious claims to wow them and get a sale.

So what is your business’s strategy of attack in today’s online battlefield?

Live and love marketing!

Get every member of your team to think like a marketer.

Every little insight and experience that you share can help build a better relationship between you and your audience.

Your goal is to build a community, not just a customer list so everyone has to pitch in to make your audience feel at home.

For example,

When there’s something happening at the store, share an image or video in the company WhatsApp group and have everyone share it across their social media platforms.

Not all at once like traditional “broadcasts messages”

But with their own unique style, whenever they choose to within the day timespan.

This generates more total reach, engagement and overall positive appeal for your store.


Because it feels a whole lot more AUTHENTIC

than 10 to 20 templated messages at 5:00pm

and it allows each team member to express themselves individually

and more thoughtfully,

which resonates with their own audiences more

than a templated message thought up by one person.

Allow your team or employees to express themselves through work

(with guidelines, of course)

and you’ll see a lot more return from your social media efforts.


Your audience wants to learn more

about your topic of interest,

and believe it or not,

some of them enjoy watching short videos

of you talking about issues that matter,

While others enjoy listening to your podcast,

And others still prefer to take a good read of your latest blog post.

All these actions are bringing you closer to the consumer,

You feel less like a big company or distant giant,

And more like a trusted resource or friend.

And when it comes to buying,

I don’t know about you,

But most times I prefer to buy from my friends.

So put in the hard work to establish

and maintain a relationship with your audience,

Through your content and interactions.

solve the problems they’re facing using your tools

And provide value in every way you can,

whether they pay for it or not.

So wrapping it up,

Embed pride in your team members,

engage your audience with authenticity

and be a valuable asset not

another annoying, salesy business.

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